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Privacy policy

Equinox Institutional Asset Management LP (the “Company”) is required by federal regulations to adopt certain procedures designed to maintain and secure the nonpublic personal information of its clients from inappropriate disclosure to third parties. The following policy (this “Privacy Policy”) is designed to meet the standards set forth in the federal regulations.

The Company is committed to keeping personal information collected from potential, current and former clients confidential and secure. The proper handling of personal information is one of the Company’s highest priorities. The Company never sells information relating to its clients to any outside third parties.

Client Information
The Company collects and keeps only information that is necessary for it to provide the services requested by its clients and to administer clients’ business with the Company. The Company may collect nonpublic personal information from clients or potential clients:

  •  From clients, when they complete an application or other form. This includes information such as name, address, social security number, assets, income, net worth, copies of financial documents and other information deemed necessary to evaluate the client’s financial needs.
  • As a result of transactions with the Company, its affiliates if any, or others. This could include transactions completed with the Company or information received from outside vendors to complete transactions or to effect financial goals.

Sharing Information
The Company only shares the nonpublic personal information of its clients with non-affiliated companies or individuals (i) as permitted by law and as required to provide services to our clients, such as with representatives within our firm, securities clearing firms, mutual fund companies, insurance companies and other financial services providers, or (ii) to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. The Company may also disclose nonpublic personal information to another financial services provider in connection with the transfer of an account to such financial services provider. Further, in the normal course of our business, the Company may disclose information it collects about clients to companies or individuals that contract with the Company to perform servicing functions such as:

  • Recordkeeping
  • Computer-related services
  • Good faith disclosure to regulators who have regulatory authority over the company

Companies hired to provide support services are not allowed to use personal information for their own purposes and are contractually obligated to maintain strict confidentiality. The Company limits use of personal information to the performance of the specific service requested.
The Company does not provide personally identifiable information to mailing list vendors or solicitors for any purpose.

When the Company provides personal information to service providers, it requires these providers to agree to safeguard such information, to use the information only for the intended purpose and to abide by applicable law.

Internet Access
The Company provides a website on the Internet. Any information gathered through the Company’s website will be treated in accordance with the guidelines set forth above.

Employee Access to Information
Only employees with a valid business reason have access to clients’ personal information. These employees are educated on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of this information. They are required to abide by the Company’s information handling practices.

Protection of Information
The Company maintains security standards to protect clients’ information, whether written, spoken, or electronic. The Company updates and checks its systems to ensure the protection and integrity of information. To protect the clients’ personal information from unauthorized access or use, EIAM maintains physical, electronic and procedural controls to safeguard such information.

Maintaining Accurate Information
The Company’s goal is to maintain accurate, up to date client records in accordance with industry standards. The Company has procedures in place to keep information current and complete, including timely correction of inaccurate information.

Should clients send the Company questions and comments by e-mail, the Company will share the client’s correspondence only with those employees or agents most capable of addressing the client’s questions and concerns. The Company will retain all written communication until it has done its very best to provide the client with a complete and satisfactory response. Ultimately, the Company will either discard the communication or archive it according to the requirements under applicable securities laws. Please note that, unless expressly advised otherwise, the Company’s e-mail facilities do not provide a means for completely secure and private communications. Although every attempt will be made to keep client information confidential, from a technical standpoint, there is still a risk. For that reason, please do not use e-mail to communicate information to the Company that is considered to be confidential. If the client wishes, communications with the Company may be conducted via telephone or by facsimile. Additional security is available to clients if they equip their Internet browser with 128-bit “secure socket layer” encryption, which provides more secure transmissions.

Disclosure of our Privacy Policy
The Company recognizes and respects the privacy concerns of its potential, current and former clients. The Company is committed to safeguarding this information. As a member of the financial services industry, the Company is providing this Privacy Policy for informational purposes to clients and employees and will distribute and update it as required by law. It is also available upon request.

If you have any questions, please call the Company at 609-430-0404.

Privacy Policy – May 2016


Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Funds. This and other important information about the Funds are in the relevant Prospectuses which can be obtained by calling 1.877.837.0600 The prospectus should be read carefully before investing.

Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC manages all accounting, administration, and compliance matters for the Equinox MutualHedge Futures Strategy Fund. U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC manages all accounting, administration, and compliance matter for the Equinox Campbell Strategy Fund and the Equinox IPM Systematic Macro Fund. The mutual funds are distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.

Equinox Group Distributors, LLC and Equinox Institutional Asset Management, LP are not affiliated with Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC, Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, or U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC.