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John Pallat


John Pallat is an entrepreneur specializing in the development and distribution of innovative financial products that target underserved retail and institutional market segments. He is the Chairman of Equinox Funds and the President of Equinox Financial Solutions based in Princeton, NJ. Mr. Pallat oversees the conception, development and implementation of new products and distribution strategies for investment products managed by Equinox Funds and other investment managers.  Prior to co-founding Equinox in 2002, Mr. Pallat developed insurance and reinsurance products for a group of privately held insurance and reinsurance businesses. These businesses included underwriting management companies, risk bearing entities, and claims management companies. Mr. Pallat began his career as a management consultant for Tillinghast, Nelson & Warren in 1986 where he focused on risk financing, M&A activity, and strategy for financial services companies.  Mr. Pallat received his B.S. from Miami University and a Masters of Insurance degree from Georgia State University.